Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy November

I know I have been terrible about posting, and I make no guarantee that I will ever catch up on the last few months, but yesterday Greg's parents flew out to Australia and in an effort to keep better track of our lives here in order to report to them on the happenings of our world, I am going to try to revive the blog. :)
I also wanted to repeat what I did a couple years ago where in November I try to mention a blessing a day. If it is too cheesy for you, feel free to pretend I haven't started writing again, but today at the front of my mind I am so grateful for wonderful in-laws. They are setting such a great example to my family as the set off on their mission. I am so thankful for their love, kindness and goodness. I am so grateful for the important role the gospel plays in their lives, and I look forward to hearing the stories they have to share with our family. We have already had the chance to sit down and visit with them about their experience in the MTC, and were able to feel a tiny piece of the spirit that is there. So today, I have to share with everyone how grateful I am for Steve & Lorna. They really are the best in-laws anyone could ever have!

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DeAnna Packer said...

Love and Service and Family is what it is all about. Example (good or bad) is a powerful influence.
Thanks for the blog.
Loved seeing Greg as a young man in the family portrait... Time flies.
The Gospel is true and We love you!