Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

Greg and the girls never knew my grandpa Hodgkinson (first and third pictures), but he was quite an amazing man. In addition to serving faithfully in the church through his entire life (he never really had the chance to summer in Utah and winter in Arizona because he and my grandma served three missions and he served in the Stake Presidency in Arizona & so they didn't get much of a chance to spend time in Utah after they moved) he was also very patriotic and served our country during WWII.
Growing up I knew that he had been shot in the hip (because my dad told me), but Grandpa never talked about the war...ever. It was not until after he passed away that I heard the story of his Silver Star.
Grandpa's platoon was in the streets of an Italian town. The Nazis had taken over two houses on either side of the street, and were shooting out at the troops on the road. Grandpa was able to somehow sneak to one of the houses where the Nazis were shooting and throw a grenade in a window. Then, he went over to the other side of the street and threw a grenade in that house.
He received the purple heart when he was shot in the hip. The Germans came along with bayonets stabbing kicking the bodies on the ground. Grandpa was kicked and rolled over, but was able to play dead until the soldiers moved on.
I feel so grateful that both of my grandfathers served in the military. I know that countless people have made it possible for us to have the freedoms that we do today, and I just want to say Thank You to those who are fighting or have fought for my freedom.
Happy Veterans Day!


THRMN8R said...

Very nice story Greg. I love to hear stories like this!! I am going to my mother's, Aunt's house, to hear stories about her husband who was a Brigadier General. Thanks for the post!

grannybabs said...

Great story - I wonder why so many soldiers never told their stories. My uncle was like that. Maybe they were thinking of all their comrades who didn't make it - and didn't want to diminish their glory at all.

But it is good to know and remember the sacrifices.

(I'm a friend of the Cornwalls btw!)

Mom C said...

Heather - I really enjoyed the prompt to share my dad's story for Veterans Day. Miss you and your cute girls (and Greg). When are you coming to California again????