Thursday, November 10, 2011


Thursday nights are typically the heaviest nights of homework around our house. Spelling tests and homework packets are usually due on Friday and so Thursdays are often the catch-all for homework that hasn't been taken care of. Some nights I feel rushed trying to get it all done, but tonight as Sarah and I sat at the kitchen table working on her homework packet it was quite delightful.
Watching her get excited about handwriting, addition, and creative writing (claiming to be the smartest person in her WHOLE class) was so much fun as a parent. I love seeing the girls' confidence grow as they learn new concepts, do well on tests, and feel the excitement of getting a good report card.
So, knowing that there will be times that I get bogged down in the monotony of helping the girls with the same lessons night after night, I just need to remember how great it is to look back on their accomplishments.

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