Sunday, November 13, 2011

Family Time!

In Sacrament meeting today we heard a talk about the importance of doing the simple, every day things with our families. They talked about reading scriptures, praying, and spending time together with our children. Yesterday we had a great family day. The girls were great helpers getting the house cleaned (Sarah was especially helpful)so we decided to do something fun and took the girls to the planetarium. The weather wasn't especially cooperative (it was a regular blizzard), but the girls enjoyed driving in the snow. When we got to the planetarium we gave the girls a few pennies and let them race the money around the cyclone coin shoot. We let them play around the exhibits, look around the gift shop and then we watched a movie on the IMAX. Because of our membership each of the girls gets a free popcorn when we go to a show, and they think it is the greatest thing EVER.
I love the fact that our girls are still excited to spend time together as a family. I realize that we are fast approaching the teenage years when family time won't have the same appeal it does right now, but I treasure the time we get to spend together as a family.

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