Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rachel's Christmas List

I was asking Rachel the other day what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas. She stopped playing for a minute, and told me she didn't know. I said, "What about underpants?" to which she responded enthusiastically that underwear would be GREAT! I then asked if she would like Santa to bring her bedsheets. Again, her answer was a resounding YES! I continued to think of the most boring gifts I could come up with and each one received a positive response. I thought it was so cute that she would be glad with anything Santa might bring. Sadly I forgot to ask her about coal, but since she loves it when Greg builds a fire I'm pretty sure even that would have been just fine.


DeAnna Packer said...

I absolutely loved it when the children were happy with what the Old Boy brought.
They told me they were not have as happy when they had specific items they WANTED and GOT.!!!

Emily said...

Hilarious! You've been the blogger queen lately! I've been reading!