Friday, November 04, 2011


Today the kids received their report cards. They did a great job. I also had the chance to volunteer at the school, and I was reminded about how great the girls' teachers are. As I finished volunteering, Ellie's class was headed out to recess and her teacher hurried past to get fifty cents from her car so that the star of the week could choose a soda from the faculty room. I was reminded of the little details the teachers put in to make their students feel loved. Sarah's class recently put on a Halloween program, and it was soo cute. After finishing the primary program I know first hand the countless hours that go into a successful program, and watching the kids sing and use the props they had made was so much fun. It made me so grateful for her teacher. As I watch my kids and see their progress year after year I am continually in awe at the wonderful teachers they have. It is such a blessing to see the happiness my girls have knowing they have teachers who care about them so much.

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DeAnna Packer said...

True....GOOD Teachers are PRICELESS! And I love these beautiful Mothers who are the very best teachers of Heavenly Charges!