Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clubs and Righteous Living

OK that title sounds like an Ensign article title, huh? Oh, well! I am keeping it. Today after school, Ellie had a friend over for lunch. I asked them what they wanted to eat, offering PBJ's, Dino-nuggets, or some zucchini (I didn't really think they would take that one, but it never hurts to ask), when Ellie interrupted, "Um, Mom, you need to ask us if we want Macaroni and Cheese because we are in the Macaroni and Cheese club." She turned to her friend and said, "RIGHT?!" She said, "Yep, we're in the macaroni and cheese club." Naturally. I have never been a big advocate of "clubs," "cliques" or other elitist behavior, but somehow I have to let the Mac&Cheese club slide.
Especially since her friend is such a good influence. Apparently last night Ellie's friend got to go to the police station with the scouts where they all got a police badge temporary tattoo. Sarah looked at it and asked, "What does that say?" to which the friend replied, "CHOOSE THE RIGHT!"

Who am I to disagree?

The new police badge (If only it would remind everyone).

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Pat said...

Just so you know, Greg is in an elitist club at work. It's called the Rotten Bananas club. He's the president.