Saturday, September 27, 2008

Women's Conference

Tonight I went to the General Women's Conference up at the Stake Center and had a lovely trip down memory lane. The choir director tonight was Merrilee Webb, my choir teacher for two years in high school. I nearly started laughing aloud because as we sang along during one of the hymns, I couldn't help but feel like I was in high school again. I stood at attention, following her lips to finish off the consonants as we were singing. It was a little bit embarrassing because she (as she encouraged us during high school) didn't cut off at the "usual" places in the hymns, so I followed along even though nobody else in the congregation knew what she was doing, so I ended up singing a bit of a solo at one point (It wasn't too noticable though because the choir was doing the same thing I was on-screen).
The most amazing part about watching her (in my opinion) was the differences/similarities of how she was 15 years ago. In the "same" category, she was just as enthusiastic as ever in her choral directing, however on the "different" column, I think I need to show some "before" and "after" pictures.

Before (This is about what she looked like when I had her for choir, but she wore "big" glasses, too.)

After (yep, she ages backwards! She now looks younger and better than ever. Who knew!):

I do have one story I have to share about "Miss Webb." When we were in school, she told us that out of respect she wanted us to call her Miss Webb, but as soon as we graduated we had permission to call her "Merrilee." Well, she was teaching the song "Merrily we Roll Along" to the choir and one of the boys raised his hand and asked, "Shouldn't we sing "Miss Webb we roll along, instead?" That and the memory of a student being sent back to the class because the office didn't believe that Miss Webb's signature looked authentic (She just signed things with a combination MW that looked like a scribble to the "untrained" eye).


Emily said...

I totally wasn't paying attention that that was her! She looks fabulous! I wonder what she did!?

AMES said...

Okay I totally LOVED Miss Webb. I saw her directing at the Women's Conference too. She looks amazing. How funny! It's weird how long ago high school feels - and yet memories just come flooding back whenever something like this happens. I hope you guys are well. We ought to get together. Love ya.

Elisa said...

Uh, Holly Smack, I can't believe how good she looks, it's incredible, I am in shock, I don't know what else to say, that is just nuts, How in the world did she get there. The Memories... We also should get together.