Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recipe Rundown!

For anyone who didn't know my grandma, she was an incredible cook. And I have taken the task upon myself to type up her recipes. It has been slow going, and I thought perhaps one way to make it a little more fun is to share one of her recipes each day as I am typing them up. Trust me, these are worth keeping track of! You are also very lucky because today I am starting the "Candy" section of her recipe box, and that was her specialty! I should probably save these for Christmas, and perhaps if I am feeling generous I will post more as we near the Christmas season, but for today, here is a recipe for Grandma's personal favorite candy (they taste a lot like Mrs. Cavanaugh's Mindy Mints). They are simple (just a mint chocolate ganache dipped in more chocolate), but delicious!

1/2 pint whipping cream, warmed
1 1/2 pounds high quality dipping chocolate
5 drops mint oil

Pour warm cream into chocolate and beat with mixer until chocolate is entirely melted. Let cool completely. Cut into squares and dip in tempered chocolate.


Mom C said...

Heather - Keep the recipes coming!!! What a special thing to remember your grandmother. I got one recipe from her - razzleberry pie. It had this really unique crust and the filling was divine. Thanks for posting these.

jen said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog! How fun to reconnect. So, obviously I stopped by yours...and I definately want to make these! I would love to make your grandmother's razzleberry pie, too. Do you have that recipe?

Your children are stunningly beautiful!