Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The purpose of this post title is two-fold; first, for anyone interested, I am publishing my grandma's recipes here. It is also in reference to my new favorite "game" that I have been playing with the girls.
Ellie and Sarah have had a really hard time getting along lately (I'm sure my short temper due to illness hasn't helped) and I was sick of getting after them to "BE NICE!" (shouted down the stairs in a less than nice way).
Growing up I always played "Tiger" with my brother, Rick, where he was the tiger, I was the master and he had to do whatever I told him. For whatever reason, it worked, and we got along as long as I called him "Tiger" first.
I could just see Ellie scratching and biting (I don't know if I mentioned it here, but she has tried to lick her primary teachers on more than one occasion) if she was a "tiger" so I opted for a similar but slightly more civilized game.
I told her that when I said "GRANDMA!" She had to pretend like she was a grandma and try to solve whatever problem she was dealing with the same way Grandma would.
So far it has worked like a charm. If she can't come up with a solution she will ask me for a hint so she can win the game. I am loving it, and only wish I had thought of it at the beginning of the summer!

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Maureen said...

Clever! Do you think that Anna would be too old for that game? My kids always come running to me to try to solve their differences.