Monday, September 01, 2008

Go Barbie!

Tomorrow is Sarah's first day of preschool, and in an effort to get to know the kids and their moms, I decided that it would be fun for each of them to bring a bag of things that represent themselves. As I tried to come up with some things to put in Sarah's bag, we had the following conversation:
Me: Sarah, what is your favorite toy?
Sarah: Mmm, Barbie Island (aka Rosella in "Barbie as the Island Princess)
Me: What's your favorite show?
Sarah: Barbie Island
Me: What's your favorite thing to do?
Sarah: Go to the zoo!
Me: What do you like to see there?
Sarah: Barbie Island (You may recall she was there one day)
Me: What animals do you like to see?
Sarah: Azul and Tika (The animals in the movie)
Me: What is your favorite food?
Sarah: Chicken....Do you want to know what kind?
Me: Yes, What kind?
Sarah: BARBIE-Q!

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