Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kindergarten Assessment

I realized this afternoon that I never wrote anything about the assessment Ellie had with her teacher during the first week of school. I realize it is a week late, but the conversation is worth jotting down for posterity.
The interview began with Mrs. Wallace asking Ellie if she knew anyone in the class. Ellie started naming a few kids in the neighborhood and Mrs. Wallace said, "I'm glad you know some people..." when Ellie interrupted, and said, "I'm not finished. I also know..." and proceeded to name about half of the class (most of whom she had only met on the first day of school).
They then sat down to discuss the letters, numbers etc. that Ellie knew. Starting with the letters, Mrs. Wallace asked if she could identify one of them. Ellie looked at the page and said, "Yes, but first I want to tell you about these letters. This is a W. It says 'wuh,' like window, or wet. This is an H. It says 'huh' like hat, or happy. OK, now I will tell you this letter. It is a P. It says 'puh' like pan, or popcorn.
Then it was time for rhyming. Mrs. Wallace asked, "Do you know what a rhyme is?" to which Ellie responded, "Yes, like rhyme, time, dime climb, mime."
During each of the questions, labeled with pictures, Ellie would find the answer before Mrs. Wallace asked the question.
The next section was on identifying numbers, and the last number happened to be 8. Mrs. Wallace said, "Great!" and of course Ellie had to remind her "Eight, great! Another rhyme!"
Yes, she is really going to struggle academically this year!


AimBarb said...

Sounds like she could teach that teacher a thing or two! I think Josh's kindergarten assessment went a little something like that. Well, maybe not quite, but he was really ready to go to school!

angie said...

ya know sometimes its hard having brilliant children. and you try not to brag when they are the smartest in their class!!!!!

Emily said...

That's awesome! At Eli's he kept asking his teacher questions like, when are the other kids coming? Why aren't the other kids here? Why do I have to go home?... It was cute.

Kim said...

Okay, that is just CUTE! I love the "I'm not finished yet..." But I'm not sure where she gets it. I mean, her mom is so shy and introverted...:)

Hansen square said...

See, all those times of hiding scissors and markers down the heat vents was just the beginning of brilliance! Actually, not only does it come from her genes but from a great mom who works with her! You are great and I LOVE Ellie's comments!