Monday, September 15, 2008

Ellie at her finest

Yesterday, I felt like I was in an alternate universe. It started out when we went to the Stake Center to get our temple recommends renewed. I didn't get a babysitter (and wasn't too worried for the 2 minute interview) so Ellie and Sarah went in with Greg, Rachel came in with me, and Becca sat out in the hall. When our interviews were over, Ellie turned to me and said, "So, Mom, how is your testimony today?" She was so sincere and sweet Greg and I both started laughing our heads off, and none of the girls could figure out what was so funny.
Then, at church, Ellie was asked to give a talk in primary. She did a great job, and received many compliments on it. When church was over, her teachers came up to me and said they were so proud of Ellie giving her talk, and that she had been a perfect angel in class for the last few months, and they wished all the kids could follow her example.
I don't think I ever expected those words from any of Ellie's teachers (but I was thrilled to hear it)!
All day long Ellie was a great helper and really was the perfect example.
As I was putting her down to bed I told her how grateful I was for her wonderful behavior, and she looked at me and said, "Of course I'm good. My superior brain helps me to know how to act."
Yep, she will always be my Ellie.


Emily said...

That's hilarious!

Janelle said...

I love Ellie's superior rocks!

Generations said...

I love every story about Ellie! She is such a doll!

Maureen said...

She is such a character! Love that Ellie.