Friday, September 05, 2008


Sarah started preschool this week, and she is fortunate enough to have her sweet, wonderful mother as one of her teachers. OK, so I'm just too cheap to pay for preschool, and am overly involved in my children's lives. But, I got to take the first week of preschool, and I have to say it was a ball. The kids are absolutely darling, and I had so much fun teaching them. This week we talked about the letter "A" and I had originally thought that I would do "A is for Apple" but I changed it a little bit (we still focused mostly on apples) to "A is for Adventure." We talked about Johnny Appleseed, then I let the kids dress up like Johnny and go out to our appletree and pick as many apples as they could reach. Then, we read "How to make an apple pie and see the world" and pretended that we traveled all around the world (my house) in search of the exotic ingredients needed to make a pie...although they would not let me say that we had to go to Vermont to get the apples because there was a tree in the back yard. But we did get to go to Sri Lanka for cinnamon, Jamaica for sugar, the ocean for salt, France for a chicken to get an egg, Italy (Venice to be precise) for semolina flour, etc. The kids got into it really well, and helped me make an Apple Crisp-pie once we gathered all the ingredients (I was going to make a real pie, but thought we would run out of time and thought a soggy crust would be disgusting).
But the best part of the whole adventure was just the kids, so I have posted some pictures that I took of each of them dressed up like Johnny Appleseed. Happy Adventuring!

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Chris said...

Sorry to say, but if I had a kid in your preschool, I would pull them out due to the simple fact that you took them to France and probably didn't say anything bad about them. Hahaha