Monday, June 15, 2009

For Sale

Four girls for sale. Used--ranging in age from 2-8 years old.
Naughty antics include:
Cutting up passports
Flooding bathrooms
Painting with Tanning Spray
Decorating with feminine hygiene products
Spreading Packing Peanuts (very effectively) throughout the house

Asking price: $200 (just enough to cover today's losses) OBO

Drop one or two in your worst enemy's home & watch them go! A real bargain (and they are under-aged so they won't be charged with anything criminal).


Janelle said...

You are hilarious Heather, I'll take 'em I think!

Leslie said...

Thank heavens you are leaving for the week! Maybe we could do a trade? 4 girls for 4 boys? Hmmm...not such a fair trade either way. Gotta love em!

DeAnna Welling Packer said...

The Destroying Angels! I thought I had all the antics in our home--but, you have me beat a bit :)

As I look at those angelic little faces in church, Ihink their mother is making these things up!!!