Monday, June 01, 2009

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Explosion!!!

I got my girls down to bed early tonight, but it is now almost 10:00 and they are playing cheerfully in the next room. Why am I not upset by this? Because at present my heart is beating a little bit faster than usual, and I’m just happy the girls don’t seem too traumatized.

We had a fun FHE tonight, and the girls went to bed quite easily, but I decided to stay upstairs just to make sure they stayed down. I climbed in bed and was on the computer when it started to rain. I had my window open and was totally enjoying the storm. A breeze carried the smell of the rain in to me, and the lightning and thunder seemed like a symphony until the lightning got a little too close for comfort. From my position on the bed the lightning didn’t look like a yellow streak in the sky…it looked like fire raining out my bedroom window. Yep… FIRE. Yes, I know that lightning IS fire, but I have never seen it actually LOOK like a fire. I have also never seen it and heard it at the SAME TIME. The entire cul-de-sac was white & right out my window I saw streaks of red, orange and yellow. Oh, man! I don’t remember the last time I screamed, but I SCREAMED.

The girls immediately came running out of their bedrooms into my room, and I ushered them all downstairs to see if Greg saw/heard what we did.

By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs Greg was on his way up, telling me that he had a different, but equally impressive experience. He was on his computer downstairs and he saw the lightning, heard the thunder, saw sparks flying from his computer, was paralyzed and had to change his shorts all at the same time.

At present, I am posting this blog via Greg’s phone’s wireless connection on my laptop [Editor’s note: Android rules!] because the lightning took out our cable modem (so we have no phone) and fried Greg’s computer.

So if anyone needs to reach us, call us on our cell phones because we are disconnected from the world right now, but we are just happy to be safe and sound with the storm moving off to the North.


Meg said...

Scary. Glad you are OK. How is Greg surviving without his computer?

Shannon Stoker said...

What?!? That is crazy. I'm glad it didn't start a fire in your house! Hope the computer fares well (luckily the owner should be able to work some magic to get it running again). Glad you are all OK.

Emily said...

Holy cow! We were just joking yesterday that Evan would get struck by lightning. Have you guys been bad lately?

Elisa said...

Did Greg really have to change his shorts? Becuase that is funny. Glad you guys are okay.Poor sad, dead, computer.

jen said...

I always knew you two were "attractive." Sounds like it payed off that you are both well "grounded." :)

What an experience! Glad you are ok!!