Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sum-Sum-Summer Time

Today was the first day this year that felt like "summer" to me. The girls and I started the day with a trip to the doctor's office (not really a summery thing, but it sets the background). Ellie had to give a urine sample, and she was having a VERY difficult time of it, so I bribed her with increasingly more appealing rewards if she would just "go." (She had already had 2 cups of water and a water bottle that had been filled with Crystal Light).
By the time she finally went, the ante was up to 1. a trip to 0ur favorite frozen yogurt spot, 2. a trip up to the canyon for hot dogs and 3. a dollar.
Thus began our first "summery" adventures. After leaving the doctor's office, we headed to the store for some canyon essentials, only to discover that the price on some of their wares was higher than I would have liked. So, I told the kiddos that we could instead have lunch at Carl's Jr. where they could play on the toys to their hearts' desire, then we would go to the canyon for dinner when daddy got home (and I could get the hot dogs defrosted from the freezer). So, we had a "yummy" lunch, and SUPER YUMMY frozen yogurt, and went home.
I was pretty tired from chasing the girls by the time I got home and sent the kids to play in the yard, but my sweet neighbor called moments after we got home to see if we wanted to play on this:

So how could we refuse? The girls had a great time eating Popsicles, floating in the kiddie pool, going down the slide, and playing in their giant sand box...all the moms agreed it was even better than a day at the beach (seeing as there was zero commute time, flushing toilets, and all possible amenities at our disposal).

As soon as we got home, the girls got dressed and we went up the canyon with Greg for hot dogs and s'mores--the ultimate summer event for me. I LOVE the canyon. It is especially beautiful this year with all the extra water we have had this month & the girls took to the little wooded paths like ducks to the water. It was fabulous (and as evidenced by the pictures Rachel REALLY got into it).

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Chris said...

Now I get the back story as to why I saw you driving on the vard.