Saturday, June 06, 2009

Welcome Back Internet!

Oh how wonderful it feels to be able to post again! Greg just got the internet up and running again, and I have checked my email, visited facebook, and now I get to give a quick update here. Oh happy day!

I wouldn't consider myself an internet addict, but there were many times this week when my kids said or did something humorous and I thought "Ooh, I'll hurry and blog that!" only to remember...Oh, yeah, no internet. Or, I would want to look up a recipe (for example, I made curry on Tuesday & wanted to make some Indian bread to go with it) and remembered I couldn't (we had rice instead).

So, I am all smiles tonight (especially since I need to finish working on a lesson I'm giving tomorrow for YW) that I have internet access once more.

Sadly, I don't remember the fun things I was going to write, but here is a brief summary of the past few days:

Today we had a great & productive day pulling out two aspen trees from our front yard...should I say two trees, or two tree-trunks, since aspens are really just one ginormous (you must be kidding...spell check didn't say I misspelled ginormous, but it claims that every contraction I use is wrong)....anyway....aspens are one big-old-hooked-together organism.
Greg's parents came to help us with the task, and thanks to Grandma Lorna's kind guidance all of my girls were actually quite helpful for the better part of the task.
Had I not thought that running inside to get my camera was a desertion of my post, I would have taken pictures of the girls gathering sticks and throwing them in the trailer. My favorite was watching Rachel with two six-inch sticks in her hands trying to get them inside, grunting and "jumping" to get herself a little higher.

Yesterday, Janelle watched our kids so that Greg and I could go to a movie (the first one we've been to in a LONG time) and it was really fun. We saw the new Star Trek movie & I have to say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The girls finished the school year, and are excited about the thought of advancing to a new grade. We made cookies for the bus drivers & were going to go hiking, but it was raining off and on through the day and after Monday's storm, I didn't really want to risk being outside when lightning came.

The rest of the week we spent outside for the most part. We went swimming, had friends over to play, and worked in the yard. I have stirred up pollen in my front yard, back yard and nose to the point that I almost thought I had a cold I sneezed so much, but our yard is slowly improving & I am hoping that it will eventually look "presentable" (I am not much of a gardener and I'm not aiming for beautiful).


A. said...

Thank you for stopping by and welcoming us to Salt Lake City even though we aren't even there yet! We're excited to get things underway. Thank you for the warm welcome!

Anonymous said...

Supernatural needs another chance. 1 episode does not a series make.