Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Summary

I am a very punctual person. I HATE to be late. Growing up, one family motto was "I'd rather be an hour early than be a minute late." Well, other than at parties during high school (where I was still always the first one to arrive given that I only showed up 10 minutes "late") I totally agree with this motto.
Well, Sunday, Greg was working on a lesson, the girls kept taking off their shoes, they were all still hungry after breakfast and we ended up arriving at church at 9:01. I heard the prelude stop as I walked in the doors, and as I headed across the foyer, I heard Brother Erickson announce that he was conducting and that the Bishop was presiding. I took a flier from Brian (my next door neighbor with Down Syndrome), gave him a quick hug and tried to hurry my girls to the front of the church and the only remaining pew big enough to fit our family. As we walked up the aisle, Brother Erickson said, "Oh, yeah, I guess President Eyring is actually conducting."
I looked up and saw President Henry B. Eyring watching me usher my little girls into their seats. OF ALL DAYS TO BE "LATE!" Oh well!
Sacrament meeting was amazing. We had a returned missionary couple speak & they did a great job. Sister Rose specifically said that when her kids were younger she felt like she was always the "enforcer" and her children didn't appreciate it. She said she saw herself as a "witch" most days, but one day went to the temple, and as she was thinking about Adam and Eve being ushered out of the garden and cherubim and a flaming sword set in place to guard the way, she realized that even Heavenly Father sets boundaries and enforces consequences. She said that this made her realize that she wasn't a witch, she was just "cherubim and a flaming sword."

President Eyring also spoke. He talked about the fact that President Benson purchased land in Bountiful for the temple and he didn't know about it. However, word leaked out and his wife and son both asked him about it. He told them that he was in charge and would certainly know about it first, only to see the announcement in the paper the next morning. His son teased him about realizing just how much he was "in charge."
President Eyring said that it was a great reminder to him that this really is the Lord's work, and the Lord is in charge.

It was a great meeting.

We also had a great Sunday School lesson about the HISTORY of the Word of Wisdom (including things like the fact that the Salt Lake Temple had spittoons in it when it first opened)...It was very enlightening and it was a refreshing way to study the principals that have been taught over and over again.


Janelle said...

Wow, what a great Sunday! I can't believe there were spittoons in the temple!

DeAnna Welling Packer said...

I also loved how Pres Eyring said.... "The Bountiful Temple is God's gift to you."
This was a good read Heather... Love you. Aunt DeAnna