Friday, June 12, 2009

A potty poem

Last year we took our children to the beach to have some fun
and naturally they had to use the potty one by one.
So when we took our oldest, and she saw it didn't flush
her eyes got big, and over her there came a kind of hush.
I feared that she would be a little too afraid to "go,"
but then I saw her smile and I knew it wasn't so.
In fact, she told me as we made our way back through the sand
She thought a flush-less potty in her room would be quite grand.

I didn't think much of her plan, and as the days flew by
I thought that she gave up her dream of "toilets in the sky."
But as I called my girls tonight to kneel in family prayer,
I looked in Becca's bedroom and saw something strange in there.
A cardboard box was cut to look a lot like a small potty
and then I saw that my sweet girls had been extremely naughty.

For all of them had tried to use the "potty" on the ground
and it was plain to see the box was not exactly sound.
And so instead of gathering to pray and read good books
I read one verse of scripture and gave my girls dirty looks.
And then I made them clean their mess and sent them all to bed
as I sat down to write down all the thoughts inside my head.

The good news in this tale is that all my girls stayed down
Not one got up and that's enough to get rid of my frown :)


Janelle said...

Ewww, that is so gross! Your girls are quite creative, it is a definite!

Emily said...

I love it!

jen said...

Sounds like blackmail material when they are old enough to date. teeheee

Hey, no pictures???

You just OOOOZZE creativity. So I see where your girls get it!