Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Food for thought; "Penne" for your thoughts

Ellie has once again found fun where I didn't think fun existed--in the fruit room. Who would have thought that a barrel of wheat and a box of penne pasta could be so much fun? Ellie entertained herself by turning my food-storage wheat into confetti & then opened a box of pasta and used it as an explosive maraca--who wouldn't find that amusing?
Then, after I took her picture and started cleaning it up, she went upstairs, got into the fridge, and spilled grape juice all over the floor. There isn't a picture of that, however, because she tried to clean it up herself, using my new bathroom towels. So instead, the towels are soaking in the laundry room and the cupboards have already been mopped down to prevent purple stains reminding me of this morning's events.

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