Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let's make a Deal

After exhausting her “Get out of Bed Free” cards (also known as “I need a drink” and “I need to go potty") Ellie crept into our bedroom with a more creative approach to staying up past bedtime. She came in with a look of great concentration and said, “Since I did the thirteenth Article of Faith, you should write a letter to Santa, and tell him to give me some mints and to make it so that it isn’t bed time anymore. Oh, and blue mints and green mints like grandma had and bring me some of her makeup.”
I told her I would write the letter, but that for now it was still bedtime, to which she responded, “Hmm, there is something else—I have a great deal, but I’m still thinking of it. Can I climb up on your bed while I remember?”

As a side note, Ellie is currently in her bedroom with the door closed, flicking the spring on the door-stop. For some reason bedtime is just hard tonight.

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Chris said...

She is sly!

Look, I made a blogger ID just so I can post my comments on your blog!