Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sugar and Spice--Minus the Spice--That's what this little girl is made of

If the saying "You are what you eat" has any merit, then Becca must be the sweetest kid on the planet. This morning, after a very long night, Ellie climbed in my bed to snuggle. I heard Becca downstairs, but knowing that Ellie was safely snuggled next to me, I wasn't as quick on the draw as I usually am. By the time I got downstairs, I saw that Becca had decided to make herself some breakfast. She climbed up on a barstool and pulled the Trix cereal and chocolate milk powder out of the cupboard, and got the milk out of the fridge. She mixed up her concoction on the kitchen rug, that now is in serious need of laundering, and sat down to a "nutritious" breakfast.
At least I know why she is acting like Hammy; the Crazy Rabid Squirrel on caffeine.

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Chris said...

She's all around the kitchen, cockadoodledoodledoo