Monday, August 07, 2006

Salon Services for Trendy "Pets"

I've heard of pet rocks, chia pets, and virtual pets, but today, Ellie has turned the bathroom rug into her own personal make-over ready pet. While I was cleaning up Sarah and her mess, Ellie was in my bathroom giving my rug the royal treatment. She used a brand new bottle of pine-sol to shampoo the rug, then used my hair brush to style the "hair", brushed its "teeth" with my toothbrush and an entire tube of tooth paste, then rinsed it all with the same bucket she used in the kitchen, only with toilet water this time, (I think I'm getting rid of that bucket now). She then gave her pet rug a nice massage and tan with my self tanning lotion (You can guess how much was in there since I only used it once, right before our cruise.)
If anyone would like to visit Ellie's spa for bath rugs, please contact her at 555-MESS.

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Michelle said...

you are seriously the bravest mom i know!! with that personality, ellie is sure gonna BE somebody!