Wednesday, October 01, 2008

3 Cheers for Mediocrity

I was visiting with a friend today who told me some alarming news. Let me preface that alarm with the fact that I was too cheap to pay 150 bucks for my girls to play soccer this year (in part because last year Becca spent most of her time making shadow puppets as she ran up and down the field and Ellie claims that soccer is too "boyish"). However, even with my penny-pinching nature I was still blindsided by the information I received. I just found out that the junior high cheerleaders pay over $1,000.00 for their clothes/camps & cheer coaching at the local gym. Then she told me that the high school cheerleaders have to pay about ten times that amount, or in other words 10K! What is up with that?! Good grief! Tell me you are joking, people! So in other words, those who make cheerleader are not necessarily those with the most talent, but those with the most cash--or debt in today's society.
But it gets better!!!!!(Yes 5 exclamation points--just wait). There is another little 12 year old I know who is on an elite soccer team, and the cost for that extra-curricular activity is a mere 16K per anum. SERIOUSLY?! The coach apparently has two teams he takes care of and that is his full-time job. He is covered for all traveling, airfare, hotel stays, etc. by his players (who obviously have to pay their own way as well).
So, back to my little title, I have to say that I really don't care if my kids decide not to excel in anything. It will really save my bank account from looking like all the major corporations in the news these days. I think instead I'll just save the cash and pay their "scholarships." I'm pretty sure it would be cheaper.


Emily said...

Ditto! Isn't football expensive, too? BTW - I think you're turning out to be cheaper than me. I think that's almost impossible!

Maureen said...

Wow, I can think of a lot of other ways I'd prefer to spend that kind of money. I can't imagine paying $16K for a 12-year old to play soccer, unless I really thought that they would be a pro player someday. They might be able to get athletic scholarships, but I'd probably just take the direct approach of saving that money and spending it on college. I had no idea cheer was so expensive. I'm feeling a bit relieved that my kids haven't shown any sort of aptitude for these activities.

Shannon said...

WHAT?!?!?! I really can't believe all that. So CRAZY. I guess I have no choice but to join in the cheer, "Hip! Hip! Hooray! (For mediocrity)"

Side note: Love the new style of your blog!

Leslie said...

Having worked in the high school I can attest to how expensive things are! Luckily when I worked w/ Drill the state has guidelines and audits every year to make sure drill teams don't spend more. Cheerleading however is not a UHSAA sport so they can do whatever they want! I think it is rather ridiculous.
And as far as soccer goes...that is insane! Precisely why Mark and I won't let Cam go on to comp soccer. Not only the money but the time commitment is insane as well.
I am all for kids to excel in areas that we see they have talents in but we have to draw the line somewhere!

Katie said...

Amen Sister!!!!