Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Soakin' It Up!

I just finished mopping the floor. I try to do that when I have the fewest distractions, and Rachel was sleeping and Ellie and Sarah were (supposedly) upstairs cleaning their rooms. I know full well they were not cleaning unsupervised, but as long as they weren't running through the kitchen I really didn't care if they were working upstairs.
Immediately after finishing, I received a phone call. It was brief, but as I was hanging up I heard a splash of water and a giggle. I went to the kitchen and found this:

Yes, that is Rachel sitting, fully-clothed, in my mop water. I am so glad I got a picture--the battery died as I was trying to get another one.
Apparently the girls decided it was time for Rachel to get up from her nap and took her out of the crib. And who wouldn't consider a nice soak to be the perfect way to wake up?
I am just glad she decided to go feet-first!


Shannon said...

This made me laugh out loud. What big helpers you have!

Maureen said...

Thank goodness she didn't go in head first! How can that be fun though? Doesn't look comfortable to me.