Monday, October 13, 2008

7 random things about me:

I got tagged with the 7 random things tag, and so here is more information than you ever needed to know about me:

1. When I think of people who give their children Bible names I think of home-birthin' bonnet-wearin' fundamentalists somewhere out in the Midwest, but I have 4 "Bible-named" girls. In fact, when my OB found out that we didn't have a name for Rachel, he asked me what my other girls' names were. When I told him he said, "Oh, so are you looking for Bible names?" and I was bugged that he would consider me to be "that kind" of person.

2. I am not a picky person, and will eat just about anything, but I really do NOT like eclairs.

3. I love it when things are clean and hate it when they are messy, but I can only think of a handful of times when I have felt like my whole house was CLEAN (not just straightened, tidied etc.)

4. I love talking about my kids, but really don't enjoy talking about myself. You might notice there are VERY few pictures of me on here. I'm just not a fan of the camera.

5. Despite my lack of desire to be in the limelight, I have no problem speaking in public. I have spoken in Stake Conference, Stake Women's Conference etc. and I enjoy it.

6. I love to write and blog, but I am terrible at keeping an actual "journal." When I reread my journals they never sound sincere and I feel like I come across as a self-righteous prick (and I desperately hope I don't act like that in person)

7. I am a terrible klutz. I am always bruised on my shins from running into things, and paper could be considered a weapon against me (I'm a paper cut magnet). I actually thought of writing a book called "Paper-Cut Problems" when I worked in an office because I would come home at the end of the day with hundreds of paper cuts, and those things hurt like the Dickens!


Katie said...

You don't like eclairs? That is SO weird!

Shannon said...

I love the random things post. Funny - I don't like eclairs either, and I feel your pain about journaling! I can completely relate. And no, you don't come across as a self-righteous prick in person! :)

Emily said...

I remember you not being a journal person in HS, but you are doing great now! Hey, this is as good as a journal! It's my new one now -- except for the stuff I type in a Word document or write in a notebook I plan to burn!! How did I not know you didn't like eclairs and that you get lots of papercuts? I never thought you were even a klutz! Boy, the things we can still learn. It's not like those are even new things you've developed! You've been that way forever!