Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Letters to Santa '08

When the girls woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground Sunday, they naturally assumed that Christmas was right around the corner, and decided it would be a good idea to make their lists to Santa.
Being one to enjoy getting the Christmas shopping done early (and knowing that the letters are sent and it is impossible to change the list) I was all for the early writing.
I thought that once again I would post the letters because it really cracks me up to see the various personalities shining through the letters.
So here they are: The requests to Santa--

Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presents you gave me last year. I love my doll, and I keep her on my bed. I also loved the box of activities. My favorite activity in the box was painting the little squares. I also liked playing with the play foam. The Polly Pocket Movie was really good, too!
This year, I would like a tea set, but not glass please. I would like a little stuffed lady bug, and some Easy Bake Oven mixes (especially a white cake with frosting and sprinkles, please).
You always give me nice things in my stocking. Thank you for all of the nice things.

Dear Santa,
Thank you for all my presents. You gave me Barbie Island, but not Tika. Thank you for my dolly house. I want a Snow White, and a Tika, too, and a cushie.
I’m getting’ a pillow for Christmas. A sparkle one with rainbows.

Dear Santa,
Thank you Santa for the last presents from the last Christmas. This year I want my makeup cell phone and my pretend real cell phone that makes sounds and the things in my stocking and thanks for the letter. Oh, yeah, and my dress up. And I love my Easter Bunny that you didn’t give me.


Shannon said...

Oh your kids crack me up! I like the pretend real cell phone request.

jen said...

So precious.
I enjoy your blog Heather!