Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Call Me Abby

For anyone who has seen Young Frankenstein, I am afraid that somehow, (I'm pretty sure it was during one of my epidurals) I was given young Abby Normal's brain.
Sarah had her preschool party today, and it was a hoot. I took my camera in my purse so I could get plenty of pictures to share, and while we were there one of the other moms took pictures, we talked about blogs, and I didn't think about my camera until we were home and I put my purse on the counter and thought "Oh, I should put the camera away."
Who does that?
Oh well!
The party was darling! The kids made Q-Tip skeletons:

played "boo-sical chairs" made the famous ghost suckers, played spider toss (I bought it on clearance from Pottery Barn Kids & it's really cute) had toilet paper mummy races, and ate hot dog mummies

and peanut butter eyeballs--you can use the "Peanut Butter Egg" recipe I posted earlier and just dip them in white chocolate instead of milk & frost on the eyes.

I have to give a big thanks to everyone who made the party so darling--It really was fun! (and I plan on reusing many of these for the party on Friday, so don't expect much different entertainment--but maybe I'll remember to take pictures!!!)


Emily said...

Those ideas are just darling! I think I could even pull some of them off. We really should get together again, but it's just so much easier to blog!!! Eli's in afternoon kindergarten. What are your afternoons like from 12:30 to 3:30?

Leslie said...

Once again...supermom. Your party treats and ideas are amazing. I would love to say that I plan on using them but I have learned that if I say I will, I won't. So, I WON'T be using them next year (maybe reverse psychology will help it actually happen for once. This Halloween week was so crazy busy!) Darling, darling, darling.