Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ode to a Day Out

Greg came home from work early yesterday and took the family to the afternoon showing of Wall-E at the Dollar Theater. The movie was really cute & since there were only about 10 people in the theater (including our 6), and two of the other 4 were a toddler & baby, I decided it would be acceptable to forgo a little bit of theater etiquette and I let Rachel run up and down the aisle next to me.
She had a ball, it kept her quiet, and with the exception of when I had to turn around (because she liked to run one row past me then come back) I was able to see the movie, too!
I have to say that like unto many of the other Pixar films, I think I liked the short at the beginning of the movie just as much as the feature-length film (for anyone who can't remember it's Presto the magician and his hungry rabbit).
Following the movie, we went to my brother's house, where they graciously offered us pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (one of my favorite fall treats) and the fellowship of their daughter (which I think my girls liked even more than the cookies).
We pulled up the street at 8:00 (a little later than usual bedtime) and Greg dropped me off at the neighbor's house for our ward book club while he put the girls to bed.
Wow! What a great day!

OK--So now that you know that I REALLY did have a GREAT day, I have one funny story to tell. After the movie, we decided to run to Wendy's to get the girls some chicken nuggets for dinner, but since we were right next to a sub shop, we decided to grab a turkey sandwich to split for us rather than a burger.

I was the only person in the sub shop, and was quietly pleased that I would be able to be in and out of the store quickly. So, I ordered my sandwich and paid for it, and the girl at the cashier called another employee from the back room to make the sandwich.

Apparently, not only was this the girl's first day of work, mine was her Very First Sandwich. Now, I'm not just saying that--she told me (about 15 times during the 10 minutes it took to make the sandwich) that this was the first time she'd made a sandwich.

I was very kind & smiling on the outside, but inside my smile was more of a laugh. By the time the sandwich was done, half of the bread was a crumbled mess and the manager had to put the toppings back on and roll the sandwich up in the paper to before giving it to me because my poor sandwich maker let everything spill out when she tried to roll it up.

I was also a little worried because I said that I wanted salt and pepper and mustard on top, and there was a LOT of pepper and mustard. Fortunately, other than being a little strong on mustard, you couldn't really tell (because I wasn't about to say that there was too much--could you please make a new one).

Anyway, as I said before, my day was great and the sandwich experience was really just comic relief for me (I don't know if Greg out in the car with the girls would agree).

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