Friday, October 31, 2008

Breathe in...Breathe out

A couple weeks ago, Greg asked me if I would get some cleaner for the glass in our fireplace. When I was at Ace, I found some industrial glass cleaner and thought I would give that a shot. It works pretty well, and I just used it on my stove as well, but every time I use it I am taken back in time. Back in my paid-to-work days, I worked in an office that had a black laminate front desk. It was very nice, but always left fingerprints, and one of my friends who also worked there was anal when it came to keeping it clean. I had forgotten until I bought my own that the preferred choice to get rid of the prints was the same industrial glass cleaner I purchased. The label has changed, but I will never forget the smell.
As I was reminiscing, I thought about the number of memories that are triggered by the 5 senses, and a lot of my "flashbacks" are triggered by smell. Bread baking, different soaps and perfumes, the change of seasons, my kids coming in smelling like "recess" and countless others, and it made me think of someone else I know who can't smell. A member of my bishopric a while ago took a hard fall while playing basketball & hit his head. He had a severe concussion and was dizzy for a while, but the longest symptom he had was the lack of smell and consequently taste.
At the time I didn't think that was too bad--and even now I think when I have kids with dirty diapers/illnesses it isn't all bad--but I couldn't imagine not being able to smell all the wonderful things in the world.
So today's challenge for anyone reading this--take a big whiff of the Halloween candy tonight (especially if you have trick-or-treaters going out) and see if it triggers any memories of Halloweens gone by. And then, just be grateful for all five senses. They are truly a blessing.

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