Thursday, October 23, 2008


I love the word Muffy (from Arthur) coined! Happily, today could be called "not vomitrocious," and I am hoping that my serious investment in Lysol products helps to keep it that way (My apologies for any inside trading opportunities lost because I didn't announce sooner--I'm pretty sure their stock went up after my purchases).

I feel like I need to have a little timer on the side of the blog that says X number of days since anyone has thrown up around here. The only problem being that I am well aware that when we had another "episode" updating the timer would be the furthest thing from my mind.

I have to apologize to everyone who got sick because of my family down in Zion. I had no idea that we were sick--Becca had thrown up 3 days before we left and Sarah 5 days earlier, but we had NO symptoms until the second day of our trip, and since then we have had a "Clean up on aisle--I mean bedroom--X ever since. I thought on Tuesday that our woes were over, but Rachel woke up on Wednesday in a pungent smelling room.

Happily (I think) today, although her room was definitely on the pungent side when I entered, it was all from the other end--she decided to be a poo-artist (and I'm not talking about the bear).

So, once again her room got the once-over with the Lysol, and my hands and forearms are reeking of Ethyl Alcohol, thanks to the miracle of Purell. Oh, how I love Purell.

And now, let the timer begin, because I am crossing my fingers that we are done puking for the rest of the season (because there is ALWAYS room for wishful thinking).

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Maureen said...

I'm thinking we all could have used more Purell while we were there. Next time I'll be much more vigilant with it!

We're all improving here. Fortunately it doesn't seem to last too long.