Monday, October 13, 2008

Where did you get your red hair?

We have had a couple of very long nights, and last night was no exception. Over the course of the night, Rachel woke up three times, Becca woke up once (and climbed in our bed), Ellie woke up once (and climbed in our bed) and Sarah woke up four times, threw up, and climbed in our bed.
Sarah was smart enough to avoid throwing up in her own bed, and instead climbed up in Ellie's when she got sick, so we let Ellie stay in our bed.
When she woke up this morning, Ellie was smiling the grin of someone who got an unexpected reward (I usually deposit all children I find in my bed back in their own beds).
I was pretty groggy, but I had to laugh as she had the following conversation with Greg.
Greg: "Who is this little red-head in my bed?"
Ellie: "It's me, Daddy!"
Greg: "Who has the prettiest red hair in our family?"
Ellie: "ME!"
Greg: "Where did you get your red hair, Ellie?"
Ellie: "My grandpa."
Greg: "But Grandpa's hair isn't very red anymore."
Ellie: "Of course not! He gave it to me!"


Maureen said...

Can't argue with Ellie's logic.

Sorry about everyone being sick. Hopefully you're getting it out of your systems before this weekend.

Shannon said...

Yikes, what a night! Hope everyone is feeling better (including two sleep-deprived parents). Ellie cracks me up, yet again.