Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Party

I forgot to take pictures of everyone while they were here--again! But, here are some pictures I took before the party. We had a repeat of a lot of the preschool things (the q-tip skeletons, bean bag toss etc.) but Liesl brought some fabulous activities--the kids got to hold a dry ice bubble "ghost" in their hands and she brought some goblin eggs that Becca has been playing with all afternoon and with a more casual atmosphere the kids were able to relax and play a little more.

Instead of doing anything elaborate (or wormy gross) I decided to make all the food orange and black.
I ordered orange bread from the bakery and bought a jack-o-lantern kit & cookie cutter to make these peanut butter and peach jelly pumpkin sandwiches. (I also put raisins on the tray to add a little bit of black [not to mention my kids love raisins]).
I thought these spiders turned out so cute! They were easy to make & all the kids could do it without help.
I decided to take one last picture of our trees before the storm blew in. The colors were so vibrant & now already most of the leaves have been blown off in the wind.

I will try to remember to take pictures of the kids in their costumes tonight, but knowing me I'll forget, so no promises on the pics.

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