Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got back on Sunday from our trip to Zion National Park. The drive home was long and dry, but we made it home without pulling over to let anyone throw-up. Hallelujah!
As we neared home the leaves were bright red and orange and in contrast to the wheat colored scenery we had seen for hours on end and I was thrilled beyond words to see some variety in color and altitude.
The colors on the trees were so vivid it really almost took my breath away. I LOVE the changing seasons! (I also love sleeping in my own bed--but not as much as Rachel loves sleeping in hers!)

Here are some pictures of the kids on our trip. Ellie got sick while we were there so I stayed back at the cabin with her (and Rachel) so if you notice a lack of pictures with those two, you'll know why.

Sarah loving life as a cowgirl--but I think she liked the petting zoo that was right next to the stables almost as much as riding horses.

The cousins playing in the water inside the park.

Ellie demonstrating her favorite "I'm getting my picture taken" pose.

Ellie was a little nervous to be on her own with the horse, I think, but she put on a brave face.

All of the cousins in terrible lighting but on a GREAT rock for playing!

Rachel was the most excited of anyone on the trip to ride the horses. She didn't even flinch when she had to saddle up with a cowboy she'd never met before. Talk about being in heaven!

Sarah trying to smile into the sun. Mmm. Blessed sun in October!

Becca and Sarah on their hike while the rest of us gals were home in the cabin (but no complaints from me--Rachel napped, Ellie didn't throw-up once and I read an entire book--sheer bliss!)

Becca's turn on the horses. She loves riding, and considers herself to be Calamity Becca-Jane.

Tarzan, Meet Becca-Jane. (Oh, man did we ever give her the right middle name!)

If you can't tell, the highlight of the trip for our girls was THE COUSINS!

Oh, yes, and more time with the cousins!


jen said...

I'm with you on the varied scenery up north. But I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the southern sun!

Glad you had fun in Zion's.

Shannon said...

So sad we couldn't be with everyone on the trip. Love the pics of your girls on the horses. Especially little Rachel! So cute to see her sitting up there on that horse.